Grow your business for less with offshoring.

Specialised Offshoring Provider for Agencies & Digital Enterprises.

Being in an agency business for a decade, we understand the complexity in managing high-performance teams, and demand for great work to retain clients and win more opportunities.

LeapOut is your offshore partner in building a creative and digital team in the Philippines, without having to worry about huge capital expenses such as office facilities, IT equipment, and other setup fees. We also help our partners with recruitment, account management, HR & payroll.

Get access to a pool of world-class content creators and digital talents with LeapOut. Let’s talk about your business today!

We Help Our Partners Hire & Manage Digital Experts

We Started as an Agency Offshorer Ourselves

LeapOut is an Aussie-owned digital firm with ties to Australia’s largest independent media agency. Just like other agencies, our founders were looking for a cost-effective solution without sacrificing the quality of work.

We tried outsourcing work to some agencies until we decided to build our dedicated team in Manila.

Doing work in the Philippines allowed us to work with highly-skilled digital professionals, expand our offerings, and service more customers without inflating our cost.

We believe that by duplicating our success, we can provide value to agencies and digital enterprises like us and help them be more successful in their business.

How Does Offshoring Work?

We follow your agency process.

We talk with you to know how your agency works and how you handle clients to ensure there’s no disruption to your service workflow.

We work on winning the account together.

For a minimum fee, we help you research,  conduct audits, work on your pitch decks, and  build a strategy to win more accounts.



We help retain your clients.

We keep your clients happy. This means working on tasks diligently, ensuring they’re on time and meet your clients’ needs. 

We find up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.

We keep on innovating and discovering new products you can sell to your customers. 

How to Manage your Offshore Team Effectively

An offshore team is an extension of your internal resource allowing you to expand quickly with less risk. However, it does possess some challenges if not properly handled. Below are tips on how to manage your offshore team effectively: 

  1. Invest time to interview and train.
  2. Define tasks and expectations as clearly as possible. 
  3. Develop communication and process routines.
  4. Trust your team. Don’t micromanage.
  5. Appreciate and reward your team for good work. 
  6. Visit them once in a while. 

How to Manage your Offshore Team Effectively