How SM Youth Achieve Success on their SM Youth Go-See Social Media Campaign

SM Youth is a fashion, lifestyle and community for the youth, by the youth. The brand carries many clothing lines, namely: SMYTH, GTW by SM, Tee Culture, Bo Athletics, Coco Republic Teens as well as other character brands at The SM Store nationwide.


For this campaign, we aimed to boost the recent SM Youth Go-See Season 4 by managing their Facebook & Instagram pages.


Created a social media playbook for aligned social media practices both for community management and the brand. This includes brand personality, department roles, rules of engagements and workflow.

Built up consistent campaign hype by employing well-crafted memes as unique responses, and built up consistent hype through fun GIFs, and weekly Instagram and Facebook stories.

Utilized a community management tool to increase visibility on users’ sentiments about the brand.

Assigned a dedicated community manager to monitor and craft timely and tailored responses.

Beefed up the brand’s current FAQ with consistent updates for a more personalized and systematic approach on responses.

Employed unique responses such as well-crafted memes, and produced short videos for better engagement.


After the 5-month campaign, we analyzed our data with the following output:

(versus previous period)*