Programmatic Advertising

Define your brand’s marketing goals and use effective digital solutions that help determine quantifiable metrics and provide an accurate read of results.

Why start programmatic advertising for your campaigns?

Programmatic advertising is an automated way to run your campaigns digitally. Not only can it gain you leverage on rich data, but it also provides you full transparency and control of your digital campaigns. This means you can target an expanded set of audiences through programmatic ads on specific channels, addressing a specific audience and audience behavior.

Another advantage of running programmatic ads is its real-time measurement and bidding, provided that your ad tracking is set up and planned based on your advertising goals. This way, you can make much faster and more accurate decisions on the data you get.

Improve brand performance through LeapOut’s programmatic advertising services

LeapOut has catered to both well-known and up-and-coming brands for programmatic ads and campaigns. We leverage technology and targeting expertise to help clients reach users in any decision funnel. Our media buying experts can help find the right inventories, communicate the messages, and find the right data sets. We monitor and analyze campaigns and behavior based on real-time data to gain insights and understand the consumers.

Our programmatic ads team can execute display advertising, including banners, videos, rich media, and dynamic ads. As a Google Partner, our ultimate goal in every campaign is to ensure each brand can deliver engaging and relevant ads that resonate with their target audience, no matter which device they are on.

LeapOut’s track record in each programmatic project shows increased and improved results that align with our client’s goals. With our technical knowledge of the relevant platforms and our transparency and integrity, your brand is in good hands.

Reach your goals for programmatic campaigns with the help of a trusted and certified agency that can provide you with the best programmatic advertising services. Through insight- and data-driven campaigns, you can enjoy better results for your business.

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How do we create programmatic campaigns?

1. Knowing your Audience
One strong key feature of our programmatic advertising services is leveraging rich data from various sources to reach specific audiences, generating results.
2. Media Planning
We strategize and determine the best channels to deliver your message and achieve your campaign goals. Through programmatic advertising, we can select websites and inventories we wish to target to further uplift your brand.
3. Media Buying
Our goal is to deliver your ads in the right place and time, resulting in increased conversion rates, website traffic, and brand awareness.
4. Implementation & Optimization
Once your display ads go live, we continuously monitor and track data to improve your campaigns, finding ways to make them more effective.
5. Brand Awareness
A highly effective targeting capability ensures your ads are seen by your target audience and are driving conversions.
By choosing LeapOut as your programmatic advertising agency, you give your brand a much bigger chance to be better known by your target audiences, just as you get to know them better and give them better products and services.