Connect to your targeted social audiences
through social media ads.

We reach the audience you want to capture

With the overwhelmingly high traffic that goes through social networking sites (SNS), it’s easy to get lost in the noise. If you’re serious about getting your content noticed—and your conversion rates boosted—a social media ad campaign will be a crucial part of your digital marketing strategy. Here at LeapOut, we’re committed to being on top of our game in understanding the volatile landscape of Google metrics and SNS trends. We’re here to formulate an effective, data-driven campaign that cuts through the crowd for you.





Choose your Plan

Social Media Ads Basic

P40,800 / month

Social Media Ads Plus

P72,000 / month

Social Media Ads Premium

P129,600 / month
Social Media Ads Basic Social Media Ads Plus Social Media Ads Premium
Run Campaign on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Waze Choose 1 Choose any 2 Choose any 4
# New Campaigns per month per platform Up to 3 Up to 5 Up to 10
# of Ads Group per Campaign 3 4 5
Social Media Ads Monthly Budget Best for P10,000 to P100,000 Budget Best for P101,000 to P250,000 Budget Best for P251,000 and Up Budget
Account Setup by Social Media Expert
Platform Setup and Conversion Tracking
Account Optimisation
Monthly Performance Reports
Paid Media Manager Monthly Call

The LeapOut process

We always stick to a “suki” mindset with our clients. As a valued customer, we go beyond a transactional relationship and we make sure to collaborate with you every step of the way. At LeapOut, we want to win together with our clients.

Why customers need Social Media Ads Management

Organic content on social media is like a message in a bottle sent out into sea. You have virtually no control over who your content reaches, and this makes success hard if conversion is your primary goal. Social media ads are more like a fueled ship on course—it’s guided by your audience targets, a trackable buyer’s journey and foreseeable relevance score courtesy of the Google algorithm.

Why is our Social Media Ads Management different?

LeapOut has been out in the waters of digital marketing in the Philippines and beyond since 2008, and we’re confident that we can commandeer a tailor-fit Social Media Ad campaign that caters to your business goals. Our in-house Paid Media and SEO experts are trained and seasoned to understand the ebb and flow of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn algorithms, along with emerging platforms like TikTok. All you’d have to do is sit back and enjoy the positive results.


What can I expect from my social media ad campaigns?

You can expect at least five Facebook ad sets, each with at least two to three ads, in order to discover which audience will provide better campaign results. Once we get sufficient data, we then work our magic to streamline and optimize the campaign and scale the account as results begin to show.

How soon can I see results?

Typically, we can expect results within three to five days from the day of the ad campaign setup, should there be no account issues.

Is there a minimum duration on your social media ad management packages?

Just like our SEM packages, we set a minimum contract of 3 months. We don’t charge an up front setup fee.

How often do I get an update with my social media campaign?

Your package will include check-in meetings every two weeks, where we update you on our monthly initiatives and performance reports. For urgent concerns, we are readily reachable through Slack.


Can I also commission organic social media content?

Yes, LeapOut also offers social media content services. We’d be happy to discuss a combination of packages with you.

Do your social media ads packages work with e-commerce companies?

Absolutely. Our packages were first developed to cater to e-commerce businesses, and since then we’ve found success with the biggest retail names in the Philippines and also Shopify stores around the globe.

I'm not an e-commerce company but can I avail your social media ads packages?

Definitely. We’ve been tried and tested through e-commerce since the inception of our company, and we can absolutely work our magic with brochure websites as well.

Do you provide white-label social media ads packages?

Yes. This service is one of LeapOut’s best-selling products.








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