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Amplify your brand’s voice by partnering with authentic and relevant Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) or influencers and digital content creators.

Why invest in KOL and influencers for your campaign?

Authenticity and relatability have become effective promotional tactics for marketing campaigns. Brands connect better with their target market through KOL and influencers and increase credibility with trusted content creators.

Create buzz for your brand with LeapOut Digital’s network of KOL and influencers. Generate interest and engagements from the right people, resulting in higher visibility and better sales. Collaborate with us on an influencer marketing campaign and gain access to our platforms for proper tracking, assessment, and optimization.

Help your brand through access to LeapOut Digital’s network of KOL and influencers.

LeapOut Digital’s KOL and influencer network is both vast and varied. Whatever the industry, we can help your business find the most relevant names for your campaigns.

We regularly work with companies for numerous social media influencer campaigns to help promote our clients’ products and services. Your brand can be the top-of-mind choice among the relevant audience through blogs, social media posts, vlogs, and other creator-driven content. LeapOut Digital also prides itself in transparency on the campaign progress every step of the way.

Outsource your influencer marketing campaigns with an AiMCo (Australian Influencer Marketing Council) Backed-Up Partner

With LeapFrogger being part of AiMCO, you are assured that you get the most ethical and highly optimized influencer marketing campaigns that generate ideal results for your business. 

We conceptualize and launch influencer-based campaigns to improve awareness, reach, engagements, brand recall, and conversions. Brands that partner with us have experienced significant increases in such KPIs after extensive influencer marketing campaigns under the agency.

Collaborate with us for a strategic and comprehensive approach to KOL and influencer marketing.

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Why Leap With Us?


We have worked with hundreds of clients from banking to insurance and retail, from household brands to budding startups.


There’s no one-size-fits-all solution. We sit down with you, understand your goals, and create strategy that meets your needs and budget.


Our reporting is fully transparent so that you know what’s happening at each stage of your campaign.

Real results

Our account managers track relevant data about your campaign, report them to you, and optimize it for improvement.

A Peek In The Process of
Influencer Marketing

Create a campaign

Get in touch with us and tell us about what kind of social influencer marketing campaign you have in mind.

Find the right influencers

After identifying your business goals and brand DNA, we recommend the most suitable influencers for your brand. You will then get access to our chosen influencers’ profile and their stats before

See results!

From blog posts to video reviews to engaging Instagram pics, we help you constantly

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How do we launch influencer marketing campaigns?

1. Concept brief
The concept brief contains the essence of your campaign: content pillars, social media channels, target audience, and unique value proposition.
2. Social media influencer
content plan
We browse through our KOL and influencer network and choose the ones that best embody the brand and can contribute to meeting the client’s business goals.
3. Social media
Our experts track, monitor, and assess how the sponsored posts and vlogs perform and use the data as insights to optimize and adjust.
4. Reporting
Every month, we check and measure social media metrics to determine the performance of your campaigns and social media efforts.
With LeapOut, you can sit back and watch as your brand transforms into a top-of-mind choice and the most talked-about campaign that everyone wants to be part of. You can also learn a lot from what our KOL and influencers say as they help raise your brand’s visibility and sales. Talk to us and gain the highest number of target audience talking about your brand and converting them to actual sales and significantly better brand performance.