Community Management

Grow your audience and build a loyal community of customers and partners for your brand.

Why should you engage in community management?

The rise of Facebook, Viber, Telegram, Whatsapp, Discord, and other social media channels has allowed businesses to connect easily and meaningfully with their audiences and vice versa. Because of this quick and easy setup, most of these audiences expect a certain degree of approachability and accessibility from the businesses they subscribe to. With that in mind, community building and management are an absolute must for a brand to meet these expectations and earn the trust and loyalty of its audiences.

Social media community management gives you access to information and insights that allow you to get a feel of what your target market wants and how they think. This opens up opportunities to address these and discover ways to keep them loyal to your brand. Actively interact with them in conversations within and about your brand and subsequently help your business grow.

Let LeapOut manage your brand’s social media community

With years of experience, LeapOut has managed the social media communities of various brands and clients, improving connections and establishing growth with their respective audiences. Working with a team of experts, the newest platforms, and a sharp ear for what the customers want, LeapOut continuously utilizes efficient community management strategies for the benefit of numerous brands.

Moreover, LeapOut ensures that the tone and approach of our assigned community managers fit the brand’s identity. Each manager can adapt accordingly to the vibe and feel of the company and adjust their strategy accordingly. We also work closely with the clients to ensure everything we do is according to their branding and policies.

LeapOut collaborates with its clients to maintain a cohesive strategy in line with a brand’s identity and goals. While our community management services cover all the relevant aspects, we put a lot of weight on our clients’ inputs. We consider these alongside platform insights during all phases of the project. Because of this effective approach, we have the improved results from our past campaigns to show and speak for themselves, together with various community concerns addressed through effective management and assistance.

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We resolved almost 100% of customer inquiries from our social media channels

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82% of 966 inquiries we received were about products, followed by positive reviews at 7.8%

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Through the information and insights gained from our community management, we can identify the brand’s areas for improvement to service customers better

Build a large community of loyal followers that convert regularly and help boost your sales. Work with us today to get started on your social media community management efforts.

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How does our community management process work?

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1. Initial briefing
We learn about the client’s identity, goals, and reasons for deciding to do social media community management.
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2. Determining target community and target channels

After an initial discussion, we narrow down who we want to target for the campaign and what social platforms to use based on the target audience.

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3. Set up a comprehensive strategy based on efficiency and guidelines

Based on the goals, the channels, and the audience, we conceptualize a strategy that is both efficient and adherent to the brand guidelines and policies of the client.

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4. Engage with the community

We launch the campaign and engage with the community according to the finalized strategy. The engagement can be in the form of social media community management, online group moderation, and more.

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5. Review results and optimize as needed

Every month, we check for the performance of the campaign and use social listening and analytics platforms to optimize our approach if necessary.

With LeapOut as your social media community manager, you will be able to establish a strong connection and effective communication with your audiences and gain valuable insights that will help your brand deliver and perform better.