Website & App Development

Display your brand’s dedication to
reach its customers by developing a
user-friendly website and/or application.

Mobile and web solutions to help your business succeed

We take pride in building websites that are both beautiful and functional, and it begins with us understanding your business, your needs, and what elements your website should have.

Our development team has expertise on various areas, including mobile app design, website design, and Android & iOS app development. Whether you want a new idea, or just want to improve your current system, we’re ready to help you get your project designed, developed, and launched

Why Leap With Us?


We have worked with hundreds of clients from banking to insurance and retail, from household brands to budding startups.


There’s no one-size-fits-all solution. We sit down with you, understand your goals, and create strategy that meets your needs and budget.


Our reporting is fully transparent so that you know what’s happening at each stage of your campaign.


We deliver websites that are fast, stable and accessible. Your website will not only look beautiful but also run on sturdy code.

How We Work

1. Requirements
Starting with analyzing your project’s requirements, we define objectives and write a summary of the website/app. This includes planning for pages, elements, navigation, and content. Our web developers and project managers also determine the tools and software needed for the project, non-optimized content.
2. Design

After defining requirements, our team of designers then research for the best design for your website. Our designers create wireframes to visualize the look of your website. Once approved, we’ll create mockups ready for the actual web or app development.

3. Development

We start by constructing templates, importing data, and creating the website’s unique features. At this stage, our main deliverables are application codes and files. Our web development team codes your website at the best speed possible.

4. Testing

Once your website or app is developed, it undergoes through a strict testing process to ensure that it runs on various devices and free of bugs.

5. Launch

After testing, we prepare for your website or app launch. Our years of app development experience gives us an in-depth knowledge on how to make your website or app ready for the marketplace