Graphic Design

Capture an audience’s attention and make your business branding more attractive with engaging and creative visuals.

Why is graphic design important?

Visually appealing graphics can significantly impact the decisions of your brand’s target market. A good design embodies the image your brand wants to project, represents what you can do for your market, and improves your brand’s credibility and visibility online. This would lead to higher awareness of and interest from your audience, which entails more conversions and leads.

Investing in good web and graphic design services is always a wise move for both well-known companies and budding start-ups. Regardless of the status of your company, effective graphic and web design are crucial for establishing a clear brand identity and image. Through a well-thought-out and carefully studied visual medium, you can make a stronger impression as a brand and entity and more effectively communicate to and influence your audience.

Work with LeapOut and improve your branding.

LeapOut has a team of talented artists that delivers unique graphic and web design projects for different brands across various platforms. We create digital artwork of different sizes and formats for social media posts, display ads, websites, and mobile apps.

Work closely with LeapOut to have visuals created in line with your brand. This will significantly contribute to your branding strategy through quality graphic and web design that suits your brand’s image and your audience’s taste.

Reach your business goals through the power of effective graphic and web design. LeapOut has handled creative assets for different brands, which has led to those brands’ social media growth, wider audience reach, higher customer engagement, and positive feedback, among other things.

Improve your brand’s visual profile and see great results with LeapOut. Outsource your web and graphic design services to a certified and trusted agency now!

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How does our graphic design process work?

Briefing Logo Transparent Icon
1. Initial briefing
We talk to our clients and determine how they envision their company or product image and what their visual inspirations are.
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2. Creation of key visuals
Based on the discussion with the client, we create options of key visuals that the client can choose from. We also provide samples of how these key visuals appear in various formats.
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3. Execution
Once the client has chosen a key visual, we apply this design to all campaign collaterals, from social media posts to website banners and more.
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4. Performance monitoring

We analyze the performance of the key visuals and each of its variations, determining which graphic design had the best engagements. Based on our findings, we change and optimize accordingly.

With LeapOut’s web and graphic design services, you can expect your product or service to have a much better branding image—one that can communicate more effectively to your audience and produce significantly better performance results.