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Increase your reach on social media channels with boosted and targeted ads.

Why are social ads a must for campaigns?

Even if you have a massive following on social media, current analyses show that only a tiny percentage of them can see your posts online. Coupled with the fact that non-followers are even less likely to see your content, it’s clear that reaching a large chunk of your audience can’t be done with organic methods alone.

This is why social media ads are a must to reach your market, gain more followers online, and generate leads for the business. Achieve your social media goals by applying the proper ad format to your paid social media campaigns. Combine this with a targeting scheme that uses audience data and online behavior insights, and you’ll be visible to both existing followers and new potential customers on social media.

Boost your brand through our social media advertising services!

LeapOut has run several paid social media campaigns for clients throughout our years in the business. As a social media ad agency, we have conceptualized different strategies to meet brand goals such as gaining more followers, increasing brand awareness, gathering leads, or boosting engagement. Increase your online presence on relevant social channels with help from our in-house experts!

Because LeapOut values collaboration and transparency, we make it a point to work closely with the client throughout the whole campaign. We assure clients that their budget is maximized and put to good use to boost and improve their presence on social media.

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Let a Facebook and TikTok Partner Agency run your social ads.

Outsource your social media ads with a certified Facebook and TikTok Partner Agency! As one of the few agencies in the Philippines with this distinction, you are assured that your campaigns will deliver the highest performance in a very efficient way.

Clients that work with us have experienced improvements in their business and positive effects on their company goals. These results showcase LeapOut’s expertise and capacity to handle all your social ads no matter what type of campaign your brand needs.

Be visible to your existing and potential customers with our help. Outsource your paid social media campaigns to LeapOut!





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How does our social media ads process work?

1. Initial Planning

In the initial stage, we determine your goals, your target personas, the social platforms you’ll be using, and your allotted budget. Our team ensures that our social media strategy matches the objectives and is appropriate to the audience of the campaign.

2. Ad Creation

We create the ads by designing graphics, ad layout, and collaterals, then fitting in good and compelling copy that should help boost the ad.

3. Execution

Once the strategies and creatives have been finalized, our team executes the campaign on the right social media platforms based on the approved plan.

4. Optimization and monitoring

We regularly check and monitor the campaign to see if the goals are being met. Our team can also use the initial performance of the ads to come up with new and optimized strategies if needed.

With LeapOut as your social media ad agency, you will get ads that yield good results for your brand. You will be able to experience first-hand how paid social media campaigns can work for you and make a difference in how your brand is positioned in the market. Let LeapOut’s social media advertising services help you reach a wider audience and gain insights that you can use to boost your brand image and performance.