How to Do Keyword Search for SEO?

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When improving a website’s visibility, SEO companies in the Philippines focus on two essential factors: content and keywords.  Keywords are the terms or phrases that possible customers type when searching online. For a website to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs), select the right keywords and use them effectively in your content.  Where to start with keywords? There … Read More

How Long Does SEO Take?

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Most SEO Agencies will answer “it depends” as there are lots on-site and off-site factors before Google to determines a website is worth it to rank for a keyword.  Search engine optimization isn’t a job that can produce immediate results. Even the top SEO companies in the Philippines know how to bide their time to deliver the best results for … Read More

PH Agency LeapOut Digital Attends ICOM 2022 World Meeting In Paris

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From Philippines to Australia, now to France.  Leapout Digital, represented by CEO Marvin Ortiz, will attend ICOM Network’s World Meeting in Paris and Lille. The event will span three days, from May 10-12, 2022 and aims to get everyone’s attention to the massive transformation that the COVID-19 pandemic had brought to industries around the world.  “…a good time to imagine … Read More

Common SEO Shopify Mistakes


With Shopify, most brands find it easier to integrate search engine optimization (SEO) on their eCommerce websites. Once a long and tedious task, platforms now have built-in SEO, sitemap.xml, and robots.txt that are automatically generated. Marketing tools like built-in blogs and ads are also available to market the website so that more people see it. Indeed, we’ve come a long … Read More

Shopify SEO: Everything You Need To Know


In the age of the global pandemic, online stores have become one of the primary sources of goods for people. In response, brands are focusing on their e-Commerce websites and pages to meet the demand of their target consumers, utilizing various platforms like Shopify to establish their online presence. In fact, the platform has had a surge in usage as … Read More

Digital Transformation in the Philippines And Its Future Trajectory


With how various businesses and establishments have transitioned into the online landscape despite the pandemic, it’s no wonder that digital is estimated to bring in considerable numbers in economic value for the country. A report commissioned by Google forecasted that by 2030, digital transformation in the country may generate up to P5 trillion in economic value yearly. Conducted by economists … Read More

The 5 Best-Selling Products on E-commerce in PH Amid the Pandemic

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As the pandemic persists, netizens have come to accept that swiping through their phones is a safer means of purchasing. In its own way, e-commerce continues to expand in the country as Filipinos adopt it into their  “new normal” lives. Through this development, the need to evolve businesses, transition merchants, and upskill digital workers has grown. If one desires to … Read More

8 Must-have Shopify Apps for Philippine E-commerce Stores

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8 Shopify Apps for Filipino E-commerce Brands The Philippine e-commerce industry has experienced a massive shift within the (relatively) short 2.5 years since the government’s COVID-19 pandemic restrictions. E-commerce first started in the Philippines in 1994, placing the industry almost 30 years in the making. From what used to be a measly 2% of Filipinos patronizing e-commerce before the pandemic, … Read More

Philippines’ E-commerce to become a $15B industry in 2025


Despite the pandemic wreaking havoc in various industries and economies, a key player has been steadily rising: e-commerce. Even without seeing the exact figures, you’re sure to feel the boom of e-commerce in the Philippines in various ways. It can be in the packages delivered to your house daily, or it can be in simply checking out your online cart … Read More