Clutch Recognizes LeapOut Among Philippines’ Top B2B Agencies for 2022

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As a leading digital agency in Manila, Philippines, our mission is to inspire and implement digital marketing and e-commerce solutions that will make businesses and people win. At LeapOut, we are not afraid to talk about impact and performance, and our steps are grounded with data and consumer insights to help us further refine our approach. Additionally, we are the … Read More

Google SEO Algorithm Update: “A Helpful Content Update”

Google has launched a Helpful Content Update to provide people with more practical, original, and relevant information, reinforcing content production for people instead of search engines. The Google Helpful Content update is a new algorithm that ranks websites based on the quality and usefulness of their content. Websites that provide helpful, well-written, and informative content will rank higher in the … Read More

Must-have Digital Marketing Channels to Maximize your Results 

Must-have Digital Marketing Channels to Maximize your Results

In social media and pop-up trends, it’s hard to imagine how startup companies and small businesses compete with leading brands. After all, there’s no question these big names have the money and resources to strong-arm the online world in their favor. Competing with big companies may seem like a huge hurdle, but the reality is today’s struggle isn’t much different … Read More

How Does Web User Experience Affect SEO?

How Does Web User Experience Affect SEO

Web user experience, also known as UX, refers to all the elements contributing to how users interact with and perceive your website. Good UX is essential for keeping users engaged with your site. It can also directly impact your SEO. What is User Experience or UX? User experience (UX) refers to people’s emotions and attitudes towards using a particular product, … Read More

The Importance of Meta Descriptions and How to Optimize Them

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In the world of search engine optimization (SEO), meta descriptions are just as important as keywords and content quality. They are the short text paragraph that appears beneath the title of a search result. Their goal is to give searchers an idea of what to expect from their page, while search engines use them to determine their relevance to searchers … Read More

The Characteristics of Generation Z and How to Market to them

Difference Between Gen Zeds and Millennials

Differences Between Gen Zeds Vs. Millennials There are a few key reasons marketers must understand the differences between Gen Zeds and Millennials. For one, these two groups represent very different stages in life. Gen Zers are still young, while Millennials are in their 30s and 40s. The age difference means they have different needs, wants, and priorities. Gen Zers (The … Read More

Mamee Partners Up with PH Digital Marketing Agency LeapOut Digital

Mr. Potato partnership with LeapOut Digital

Asia’s most exciting snack company has found an agency as fun as them! Malaysian-based snack company Mamee- Double Decker named LeapOut Digital its marketing partner for 2022 in the Philippines.  “We believe our partnership with LeapOut will help achieve our brand goals for the year. We’re also excited to see what they come up with once they’re settled in.” said … Read More

How to Use Google Search Console Effectively for SEO

Google Search Console for SEO

For SEO experts, one of the essential tools in the SEO toolkit is Google Search Console. This powerful tool lets SEOs easily monitor and resolve server errors, site load issues, and security issues like hacking and malware. Experts use it to ensure any site maintenance or adjustments happen smoothly concerning search performance.  But Google Search Console isn’t just for SEO … Read More

Link Building for SEO Beginners

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As many SEO companies in the Philippines know, link building is crucial to a site’s growth and visibility. Competition is fierce in most industries, so improving organic search traffic as soon as possible is a priority for many brands.  Unfortunately, getting the best SEO results takes time. A lot of its factors play into proper link building, but for the … Read More