Search engine marketing

Increase your website’s exposure

At LeapOut Digital, we offer optimized search engine marketing (SEM) services that allow your brand to be seen by your
target audience, wherever they are. Through paid search (pay-per-click) ads, your website will reach more users who are
looking for the type of services you offer, leading to increased website traffic and conversions—which means more leads
and sales for your business.

Be on the top of search engines

As the market continues to grow and the competition becomes stiffer, brands need to be quickly visible to their target audience. Search engine marketing (SEM) ensures brand visibility through search advertising platforms offered by popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and others. Our integrated search marketing approach combines search engine optimization (SEO) and SEM to help your website steadily rise to the top of search engines.

Why Choose Us?


We have worked with hundreds of clients from banking to insurance
and retail, from household brands to budding startups


There’s no one-size-fits-all solution. We sit down with you, understand
your goals, and create a strategy that meets your needs and budget.


Our reporting is fully transparent so that you know
what’s happening at each stage of your campaign.


We do rigorous planning and research that involves deliberate
applications of new ideas, goals, strategy, optimization and
innovative thinking.

Our Process

Keyword research

We determine the most relevant
keywords to optimize your content,
search results, and ads.

Generating high
quality text ads

Our SEM experts create high quality
text ads and landing pages
for better conversions.

Campaign Launch,
and monitoring

We manage, optimize, and measure your campaigns to maximize opportunities for
growth and success.


We provide you with a
comprehensive report to see
how well your SEO and
SEM campaigns are faring.

Ready to start with SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING?