8 Must-have Shopify Apps for Philippine E-commerce Stores

8 Must-have Shopify Apps for Philippine E-commerce Stores

8 Shopify Apps for Filipino E-commerce Brands

The Philippine e-commerce industry has experienced a massive shift within the (relatively) short 2.5 years since the government’s COVID-19 pandemic restrictions. E-commerce first started in the Philippines in 1994, placing the industry almost 30 years in the making. From what used to be a measly 2% of Filipinos patronizing e-commerce before the pandemic, now over 89% of Filipinos have at least searched for products to buy online in 2021 and is expected to become a $15 Billion industry in 2025.

For brands in the Philippines, it used to be a slow and cautious crawl to utilize digital marketing and commerce pre-pandemic. The logistical challenges of selling nationwide in an archipelago, the dominance of cash-only transactions, and the general hesitance of Filipinos with non-physical shopping were large obstacles in the industry’s growth. Suddenly, it has now turned into a mad dash to keep up with the times. How does one shift to e-commerce as quickly and efficiently as possible?

One way is to mount your business at an established e-commerce platform. Choosing to work with a developed platform like Shopify can let you access convenient sales and marketing tools. This can aggregate your Shopify sales—and for a commercial landscape as unique as the Philippines, strategic warehousing and fulfillment will be essential in driving e-commerce success.

The best Shopify apps to utilize are the ones that use data and analytics to craft a valuable online customer experience for the Filipino consumer. If you’re just getting started on your e-commerce journey, here are eight essential basic Shopify apps that will help you juice up your digital marketing efforts.

1.    Sales Notification


Photo from Sales Notification

There is no marketing tactic more convincing than social proof, especially for discerning, internet-savvy Filipino users. The Sales Notification app lets you create real-time social proof on your Shopify site by notifying site visitors each time a customer purchases a product. It also allows you to monitor the clicks garnered by the pop-ups.

2.    Product Reviews


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This app lets you utilize one of the most important marketing tactics to have—customer feedback. The Product Reviews app is one of the best product review apps for Shopify and will let genuine customer reviews be featured on product pages. It also displays an aggregate review score for each product. As an added benefit, it can also improve the SEO performance of your Shopify store.

3.    Sales Countdown Timer


Photo from Countdown Sales Timer

Harness the power of urgency with the Sales Countdown Timer app. This feature will let you display a countdown widget on your site, which you can use to feature time-bound promotions like discounts, deals, or a new product launch. Impulse purchases have never been more enticing.

4.    Mailchimp


Photo from ShopSync

Mailchimp is a marketing automation platform that lets you maximize email marketing, sending your products and promotions straight to a potential customer’s inbox. The great news for Shopify entrepreneurs is that Mailchimp can be integrated with Shopify.

Although new downloads for the in-house Shopify integration app are no longer available, third-party apps like ShopSync allow new Shopify users to connect with Mailchimp. Once connected, you can automatically send product promotions, abandoned cart reminders, order notifications, and much more to your customers via email. For a country that leaves much to be desired in terms of internet stability, having callback marketing tactics are important for a Philippine online store.

5.    Sales Pop Up – Conversion Pro


Photo from Sales Pop Up – Conversion Pro

Here’s another app that drives urgency and creates social proof for customers. Sales Pop Up – Conversion Pro shows relevant real-time sales data like stock countdowns, sales notifications, live traffic counters, and more via on-site pop-ups. Drive up your conversion with the almighty power of data.

6.    Smile: Rewards & Loyalty


Photo from Smile: Rewards & Loyalty

According to the Philippine Retailers Association, data-driven loyalty programs help a brand stand out from rivals. Learn about and maximize your existing customer base by rewarding customer loyalty. Apps like Smile make this simple for both you and the customers. Through a loyalty points system courtesy of Smile, registering for an account, leaving a review, or purchasing a set amount of items can be instantly rewarded. Smile also lets you establish a referral program and a VIP program to make customers feel extra special.

7.    Keep Cart


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Have you ever started shopping on your laptop only to switch to your phone midway? E-commerce stores that don’t have apps like Keep Cart will probably end up with many abandoned carts. Keep Cart lets customers shop seamlessly between devices, allowing them to access their incomplete carts by logging in. Don’t forget: It’s important to consider each customer journey stage to maximize your conversions meticulously!

8.    One Click Upsell


Photo from One Click Upsell – Zipify OCU

Another strategy to maximize your existing customer base is increasing your average order value (AOV), the average amount of pesos your customers spend per order. A smart way to do this would be with apps like One Click Upsell, which lets you offer special deals or freebies on a customer’s order once they’ve reached the check-out phase during a purchase.

One Click Upsell lets you customize which deals will be offered based on the order to maximize the appeal of the deal. Is your buyer getting shampoo? You can set your One Click Upsell to provide the partner conditioner at half-off. Are you celebrating your brand’s anniversary? Offer a free limited edition product with just an extra piso payment. The possibilities are endless.

Shifting into a new and rapidly developing commercial space amid uncertain times might seem like a daunting task. Still, you’ll find many helpful tools readily available to succeed in e-commerce in the Philippines. Once you find the apps that work best for your business, get ready to ride the Philippine e-commerce boom and watch your online store thrive.