Most SEO Agencies will answer “it depends” as there are lots on-site and off-site factors before Google to determines a website is worth it to rank for a keyword. 

Search engine optimization isn’t a job that can produce immediate results. Even the top SEO companies in the Philippines know how to bide their time to deliver the best results for long-term success. 


How long before my website can gets indexed?

Google has done a great job over the years in improving their indexing and crawling technology. We see websites be included on SERPs for a good long-tail keyword overnight. 

To tackle this question straight, we see healthy websites (no robots txt or indexing issues) get indexed by Google within 2-3 days upon publishing the page/blog. Find out how to check if your page or site has been indexed by Google.

Google crawlers look at several components through website crawling to ensure that the website has the best result for a specific query, such as the keywords on content, the popularity and authority of the website, its quality, and so on. 

Creating a sitemap is the best way to ensure your site is prioritized in Google’s index specially for e-commerce or mega websites that house large inventory of products, collections and categories. This way, search engines can swiftly crawl and index everything your site has. Traffic from other sources (such as the shared site or going viral) can also help speed up the 


The Million dollar Question: How long will it take for my website to be on top of SERPs?

If you work with an SEO Expert Agency, the simple answer is around 4 to 10 months. But hold your horses because this is not the definitive answer since there are tons of search engine ranking factors that Google uses to determine whether a website is right for a given search term. 

When trying to get your website to the top, numerous factors come into play. These range from website quality to the number of keywords used, but as far as professionals are concerned, the main challenge of optimization comes from keyword competition

Companies in non-competitive industries have the advantage of getting results earlier than usual. But it will take a while if you’re in a business that’s either busy or full of startups trying to ride the latest trend. 

For instance, consider that competitors of similar content are vying for the viewership of your target audience. They are likely using the same keywords and phrases to get clicks, and the only thing that can help your site stand out is an effective SEO strategy in the Philippines.


Tips on making SEO work better for your website

Getting search engines on your side means doing what needs to be done for your site to be noticed. SEO companies in the Philippines use a variety of challenging tactics to get their client’s sites to the top, as they must be capable of adapting to the newest trends in the fast-changing world of the internet. 


Other tips for making SEO work fast

Ever heard of white hat SEO practices? This means adhering to Google’s guidelines for onsite creation and optimization. The better your site is, the more likely you’ll get on Google’s good side regarding ranking.

Using less-ethical means (such as link buying) can land your site on Google’s blacklist for attempting to manipulate the system. Plus, such tactics are usually costly and won’t do much for your site in the long run. This is why SEO services in the Philippines often try to stay on Google’s good side, even if it means getting results at a slightly slower pace. 

However, suppose you have a new website that you can’t wait to get out to the internet world. In that case, you should make an effort to tell the world about it through social media and improve your conversion rate. How do you do that? Make your site more legitimate! 

Create an enticing front page for memorable first impressions. Add a case study somewhere to show people that you mean business. Then, ensure you’ve optimized the snippets and fixed all the backlinks. 

And of course, as mentioned before, building trust with your core audience is eternally valuable. 

SEO, when done right, can work wonders for your business. Don’t push for immediate results; go for the ones that last. Competition is fierce, even with local businesses within the country. But know that a good mindset and a decent SEO team in the Philippines can make all the difference in ensuring your site ranks high for the rest of the month. 


In need of SEO Services from the Philippines?  

Whether running a small blog or maintaining an online store, you will want a team of experts to give your site a new makeover into something sure to make Google’s eyes twinkle in delight. 

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