LeapOut Digital is Now a SEMrush Agency Partner


Good news to all our current and future clients: LeapOut Digital is now officially a SEMrush Agency Partner in the Philippines

LeapOut has been identified as a credible SEO agency in the Philippines by SEMrush, making it one of only two partners in the country. This achievement proves and establishes LeapOut as a trustworthy partner for high-quality SEO, content marketing, and advertising projects. 

What is a SEMrush Agency Partner?

The SEMrush Agency Partners program is a platform that helps marketers quickly build and manage marketing campaigns to improve their online presence. 

Since 2008, SEMrush has over 7 million users and is currently servicing 143 countries. It has provided its services to numerous top global brands, including Tesla, Apple, Samsung, and more. This fantastic line-up of brands is one of the many reasons why becoming a part of the list of SEMrush Agency Partners further proves LeapOut’s competency in the field.

With the SEMrush Agency Partners program, agencies can have their company listed as trustworthy based on a rigorous assessment by a credible platform. Partners gain access to thousands of SEMrush users as potential clients, while brands can easily find the right ones to work with.

How to Become a SEMrush Agency Partner

Like all under the agency partners program, LeapOut underwent a thorough process to become one.

To get started, LeapOut Digital purchased SEMrush’s agency growth kit. The kit includes SEO and content marketing tools that help agencies become partners and improve campaigns, generate reports, and manage workflow. Afterwards, we took two tests, which are the:

Once LeapOut Digital passed the comprehensive tests, we set up our Agency Partner page. This includes basic information about the company such as our name, logo, no. of employees, background, services, and contact details. 

The Agency Score

One of the metrics presented on the Agency Partner page is the agency score. It is used to gauge an agency’s efficiency for campaigns. It’s also a great way for agencies to see what else they can improve. The range is from 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest. Currently, LeapOut has earned a 4.4 score.

The score is determined by two factors: agency and client success. The more successful the agency and their client campaigns are, the higher their displayed score is. A higher score comes with possible business as more brands will collaborate with the agency based on track record.

At LeapOut Digital, we ensure that every campaign deliverable is submitted with high standards and on time. We follow a seamless process from campaign briefing to keyword research to writing and optimization to quality control to reporting. This way, we can ensure our partners that we are on top of the project every step of the way. 

With our status as a SEMrush Agency Partner, we aim to continue showcasing our team’s expertise and knowledge in the digital marketing field.

With everything and everyone going digital, there’s no time to lose. Collaborate with us and implement effective marketing campaigns to improve your digital presence. Send us a message to discuss your campaign needs today!

By Marvin Ortiz

Marvin Ortiz is a digital entrepreneur with a wealth of experience working with local and international brands as an e-commerce and digital growth expert. He is the Founder and Co-Owner of LeapOut, the Philippines leading E-commerce SEO and Digital Marketing Agency. He loves to read and hit the beach during his free time. You can get in touch with him on Twitter at @marvinortizph.