PH Agency LeapOut Digital Attends ICOM 2022 World Meeting In Paris

PH Agency LeapOut Digital Attends ICOM 2022 World Meeting In Paris

From Philippines to Australia, now to France. 

Leapout Digital, represented by CEO Marvin Ortiz, will attend ICOM Network’s World Meeting in Paris and Lille. The event will span three days, from May 10-12, 2022 and aims to get everyone’s attention to the massive transformation that the COVID-19 pandemic had brought to industries around the world. 

“…a good time to imagine the future and to be able to check new opportunities in this time of Metamorphose. A good time to share what we have learned from the last two years, with the difficulties, the challenges, and the many changes in the world,” shared Christophe Levyfve, President of French Digital Marketing agency, .becoming.

The event starts Wednesday morning at Le Cercle Lebrun. There, Levyfve will welcome returning attendees and address the main goals of the world meeting, as well as introduce new faces into the fold such as Imagemakers from America, Brand Galaxy Group from Germany, and Leapout Digital from the Philippines.

The three-day event will also feature guest speakers who are well-versed in presently trending business topics, such as the rise of Augmented Reality (AR) services, the Metaverse, and the transformation of the modern marketing agency post-2020.