SEO Case Study: How We Boost The Newest SM E-Store’s Organic Growth

From a brand new online domain, ShopSM was able to rise to the #1 spot in search engine ranking positions for target keywords in a span of six months and grow its Organic Visits from 0 – 20,000 per month—thanks to our tenacious, tailor-fit SEO strategy.


As relevant brands swiftly pivot to the digital space, it becomes an increasing challenge for newcomer platforms to make their presence known. With SM Store being the leading retail player in the Philippines, it was critical to bring the brand’s website—which was made from scratch and therefore had no preexisting data—to the top of the ranks in record time.

We partnered with ShopSM to accelerate the brand’s entry into e-commerce with an aggressive and meticulous SEO strategy and later on, transitioning into the Shopify platform. Our goal was to drive traffic and increase visibility by ranking for crucial key terms. Below, we outline how our digital marketing agency was able to rank ShopSM as first on virtually all our target keywords and drive almost 20,000 organic pageviews per month in less than a year.


The challenges:

Pre-Shopify: We had our work cut out for us in the beginning. Our client’s domain was brand new with no existing data and was mounted on a proprietary e-commerce system—a difficult site for Google to crawl and deem relevant. There were also thousands of pages and counting to optimize.

Post-Shopify: The content migration resulted in a vast amount of errors, from missing pages and SEO elements to unoptimized URLs. With all these issues, we also had to retain our results from the previous platform.


How we solved it


The Approach:

The Results:

target keywords rankings in 2019 of ShopSM
The mission: Focused on SM brand keywords that are transactional in nature that is done online.



The Approach:

The Results:


Going the extra mile:

The first phase of our campaign has already produced impressive results, but we’re not stopping there. We have more techniques to further boost our client’s asset to the top.

Boosting our link building campaign

Final insights:

Managing an e-commerce SEO campaign is no easy task, but with the right strategy and hyper-focused SEO implementation, rewarding results can be achieved. Great SEO victories not only come from a great agency, but from a supportive client that believes in the importance of organic growth, website searchability, and overall user experience. Kudos to our great clients at ShopSM for achieving remarkable results!

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By Marvin Ortiz

Marvin Ortiz is a digital entrepreneur with a wealth of experience working with local and international brands as an e-commerce and digital growth expert. He is the Founder and Co-Owner of LeapOut, the Philippines leading E-commerce SEO and Digital Marketing Agency. He loves to read and hit the beach during his free time. You can get in touch with him on Twitter at @marvinortizph.