AN INFOGRAPHIC: How Millennials Are Using The Internet

AN INFOGRAPHIC: How Millennials Are Using The Internet

An Infographic on How Millennials are Using the Internet

Millennials are a sought-after market not only in the Philippines but globally. However, only a few businesses know how to tap into this tech-centric, informed audience. Millennials are poised to represent 50% of the workforce in 2030, presenting brands with a $600 billion spending opportunity. They are an important target market for your business and, with the right strategy, can turn into lifelong customers.

As the first generation that grew up online, Millennials readily embrace online solutions that offer flexibility, convenience, and fit their lifestyles. Use the information below to understand how your millennial customers use the Internet to attract, engage, and retain this young group.

A consolidated data on how millennials use internet
An Infographic on millennials worldwide use the internet


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