Link Building for SEO Beginners

Link Building for SEO Beginners

As many SEO companies in the Philippines know, link building is crucial to a site’s growth and visibility. Competition is fierce in most industries, so improving organic search traffic as soon as possible is a priority for many brands. 

Unfortunately, getting the best SEO results takes time. A lot of its factors play into proper link building, but for the most part, the only thing you need to understand is that it all revolves around quality and relevance. 

Read on to find out more about the intricacies of SEO link building.

Why do websites need link building? 

In the competitive world of the internet, every brand needs to one-up the competition in any way possible. This is where link building comes in. 

Link Building is essential in establishing your website's reputation

Websites need link building to boost their reputation and traffic. SEO experts get other websites to link back to them as a related or trustworthy source. This tactic aids in telling the search engine your site’s value to its target demographic. 

The higher the traffic, the higher the ranking. And while it sounds simple, link building is an organic and time-consuming process that depends on four factors. These are: 

  • A site’s current reputation
  • The reputation of the websites that link to a site
  • The relevance of a site’s content
  • The amount of user activity that goes on on a site

One can think of it like this: If your website is seen by many as their go-to source for content, information, or shopping, it will be seen as valuable by the search engine for days or weeks.

Link building insight and techniques

The best strategy for generating good SEO results is simply creating compelling content that people and companies can rely on. But if there is fierce competition, you may want to amplify your effort by reaching out to bloggers and influencers to boost your site’s name. 

Digital marketing agencies that offer SEO services in the Philippines can also give insight on how you can succeed past your competitors based on their experience in the industry. Generally speaking, however, doing anything to improve your recognizability with the masses can guarantee long-term success in audience retention and link-building opportunities. If more sites love your work, the more Google and other search engines will put their faith in you.

“But what about link buying? Will that save me time, or is there a hidden caveat somewhere?”

Link buying sounds like a good idea on paper, but not many companies do it because of penalties. Google’s webmaster guidelines say that if caught buying backlinks for your site, they have the right to filter your website from their search results. The revenue you’ll gain from such a strategy will likely pale compared to the long-term losses of being on Google’s blocklist.

From an ethical standpoint, trying to buy your way up the top sounds too desperate. Google wants its users to receive the best results for their searches. If a site happens to be a top link but doesn’t have much substance, there’s a considerable probability that it’s trying to game the system. 

For this reason, many brands employ professional SEO services from digital marketing companies in the Philippines

“I’ve heard that there’s such a thing as Link Juice that helps with this. What does that mean?”

Link juice (or link equity) is a search engine ranking factor. It’s when links can pass value to another based on the linking page’s trust flow, citation flow, HTTP status, and relevance. A hyperlinked site has more value when linked by an authoritative website, such as a trustworthy source or a veteran brand many people have come to regard as their first choice to visit. 

The beauty of SEO tools and link-building software

SEO services and agencies in the Philippines use the best SEO tools online to help them boost their site’s rankings. Most tools usually have link-building management features and quick access databases, allowing users to learn more about their site’s standing, their competitor’s standing, and what they can do to get to the top.

Remember that you’ll need time and effort to understand how these tools work. Though they’re functionally similar, they all prioritize different aspects of SEO, and choosing the best one for your site may give you a bit of a headache. 

Additionally, these tools also cost between $10-$1,000, depending on the size and industry of your website. If you’re just a small-time business that’s simply looking to succeed, you can go ahead with investing in the small-range variants. Once you learn the tricks of the trade, you can then try experimenting with more expensive tools that offer you more ways to achieve your link-building objectives!

Check out these popular tools used by SEO companies in the Philippines:

SEMRUSHSEO, content marketing, competitor research, PPC, and social media marketing

AHREFSRank Tracker, Keyword + Site explorer, and other webmaster tools

MOZLink explorer, domain analysis, competitive research, MozBar, keyword explorer

MAJESTICRank tracker, search explorer, experimental, neighborhood checker, custom checker

There are plenty of ways for you to reach your link building goals. Just take the time to learn about it and the industry trends, and you’ll be able to catch up to the big league sites in no time! Of course, if you’d instead hire professional SEO experts in the Philippines for your business, check out Leapout Digital!

In need of a trustworthy SEO Company in the Philippines?  

Whether you’re running a small blog or maintaining an online store, you’ll want a team of experts to give it a new makeover, something that’s sure to make Google’s eyes twinkle in delight. If you put a little faith in an SEO company in the Philippines like Leapout Digital, your business can thrive. 

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