The Power of Influencer Marketing

The Power of Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing, although not a new concept, has been a growing trend that businesses have adapted. Whether SMEs or corporate giants, brands have included influencer marketing into their marketing efforts. This type of marketing uses content creators to bring authentic engagement and to start conversations about their brand, products, and message.

As the world gets more technologically advanced, implementing influencer marketing is a smart move to make. Social media, for instance, has become a part of everyday life for billions of people. From 2.46 billion social media users last year, this number is predicted to go up to 2.77 billion by 2019.

Although it sounds easy, influencer marketing isn’t a walk in the park. In fact, there are still brands that are yet to use this marketing strategy and understandably so. For these brands, influencer marketing is still a grey area. They are still skeptical of the results, thus hesitant to get involved with this digital strategy. But brands, SMEs, companies, and marketers shouldn’t miss out. Instead, grab the opportunity to further increase your or a client’s social media mileage. But before you sign up with the best digital marketing agency for you, here are things you must know about influencer marketing:  

An effective influencer 

Effective influencers are social media users that may have thousands to millions of loyal followers. With the rapport they have established, creating a buzz and starting a conversation is easy. They are able to drive engagement up as they have a highly-engaged and loyal audience. 

To learn more about what kind of content Millennials love, see our infographic. 

A form of native advertising 

According to Sharethrough, native advertising is a form of paid media wherein an ad is placed in organic content. This gives the viewers, who are also your potential followers and customers, a more pleasurable consumer experience leading to a purchase intent. 

A helpful tool for SEO 

According to Erik Qualman’s video “The Social Media Revolution”, 25% of search engine results are from user generated posts of the top brands. It’s pretty self-explanatory: the more you are talked about digitally, the more relevant you are for Google. 

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Targetable and trackable 

How else would you know if your efforts are working or not? It’s a good thing the digital world is different and far from traditional strategies of consulting survey companies. Today, every visit, share, like, and comment can be tracked and determined. Moreover, all of these can be stored, compiled, and analyzed. You can then use these as insights about a target market and how you can improve your ad. 


We have seen how the digital world can be so powerful. One minute you’re an unknown brand, next you’re worldwide famous. While word of mouth can help your brand grow, it’s more effective to make an impact on your target audience with the help of people they already know, follow, and admire. 

Marketing strategies are not obsolete. There are still chances where things may not go the way it’s predicted to—and it’s normal. And if you’re still unsure, take a leap with us at LeapOut Digital. We offer digital marketing services such as SEMSEOSocial Media Influencer Marketing, and more! Interested? Let’s talk